I was tried of wasting my money on the wrong foundation shades

Finding the perfect shade of foundation has always been a personal Everest for me. Department stores felt like a labyrinth of colors, none quite hitting the mark for my skin tone. Endless rows of "beige" shades that leaned pink, or "tan" that pulled orange, left me feeling defeated and frustrated.

This struggle wasn't just about frustration, it chipped away at my confidence. Imagine the excitement of picking out a new foundation, only to get home and discover it looked ashy or dull against my skin. The cycle of buying, trying, and returning felt endless, and the money wasted stung even more.

The problem extended beyond color matching. Let's be honest, testers in stores can be a breeding ground for bacteria. The thought of putting a product on my face that countless others had touched just wasn't appealing. But the alternative? Buying multiple foundations, hoping one would work, only to be left with a graveyard of unused products.

That's where the idea for Blioh was born. I envisioned a space where everyone could experiment with makeup, free from the limitations and anxieties of traditional shopping. A place where you could virtually try on endless shades, textures, and styles, all without the worry of sanitation, wasted money, or the dreaded "foundation line." A place where finding your perfect makeup match wouldn't be a frustrating guessing game, but a fun and empowering exploration.

This is Blioh, and we're here to make makeup shopping a breeze – for every skin tone, every style, everyone.